Sometimes I think about how for every girl like Nicole Neal here with a nude photoshoot, there’s some guy back in high school who tried real hard to nail ‘er but failed, for whatever reason. They should have there own forum, the poor bastards.

Kelly Brook full frontal

Super Jessica Biel Booty Batch Attack!!

Kelly Brook having some “alone” time. You know what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. And if she wants something done for her, my hours are anytime..anytime she wants..

Maria Menounos is apparently all that and a bag o’ chips, as it’s impossible for her to slip into a bikini without the web makin’ sure we ll know about it. She DOES have a nice ass, anyway…

Don’t hate on Nicole Neal for having a perfect body too much, girls. After all, it’s gotta be frustrating when every guy whose ever fucked her hasn’t been able to last more than twenty strokes before blowin’ his load..

Nicole Neal could walk into a nunnery and still manage to get laid. Now you’re thinkin’ about how hot she’d look in a habit, aren’t ya..

No, like this, Nikki Sims..

…however, they neglected to point out to Ms. Upton that most of her body paint had washed or worn off fifteen minutes into the shoot.

Kate Upton- a supermodel that eats..I think I can speak for all the males of the planet in saying, we’re cool with it.