Now..who wants to fuck Kate Upton in zero-g freefall? The answer? Everyone who already wanted to fuck Kate Upton, of course. I’d imagine giving her a proper pounding under conditions of weightlessness would prove to be challenging, but then again, so is sex in the back of a pinto. Didn’t let it stop me. Remember, no one likes a quitter.

Ms. Swanepoel

One of a dozen of Candice Swanepoel’s “best features” as seen from behind.

Jessica Alba nude beach fantasy candid

About damn time, Jessica Alba. And by that I mean beach candids in a bikini without kids in tow and a sleeping bag wrapped around her waist. Ok, there was a bikini, and Cash Warren. Both had to go, and I think it’s all-around a better shot for it.

Poor Britney Spears. Her clothes and her car got jacked while she was takin’ an ocean dip, now she can’t find change for the cab driver. On the bright side, she probably won’t have trouble hitchin’ a ride home.

Kate Upton said her butt doesn’t get near the attention it deserves. I completely agree…

If you’re ever stranded on an remote island, and you see a bottomless Candice Swanepoel a ways off on the beach in triplicit, just remember- fuck the one in the middle, and you’ll be just fine.

Nicole Neal is the sexiest snack food, good to eat

…so yeah, anyway…here’s the Goddess Erica Campbell in what could be the hottest pic of all the pictures in her portfoilio, which is saying a lot given she has so many shots to compete with it.. Modified? Yes. But not the pink parts. That’s all original..